After working with over 50 designers, we're solving a riddle. Where are the Chinese brands?
In Short, We're A Family.

Together, we are fearless in our pursuit of knowledge and solutions. We're the first to admit we don't know the answer to how to bring Chinese brands to the international market. No one does. But we are throwing everything we have into figuring it out. Our team brings infinite curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, and optimism to our designers, clients, and customers.

Our dream is big. We aim to take the first Chinese design brand international by 2020.

But at our core, we're very simple: The BUNDSHOP family. And we're ecstatic to welcome you to join our journey.


Profile: Eugene Kan and the influential fashion website 'Hypebeast'

April 25, 2014

   Hypebeast Managing Editor and SMAAT co-founder Eugene Kan claims he is usually more emotional about failure than success. But with HYPEBEAST blazing trails as one of the most influential fashion sites in the blogosphere and SMAAT - an emerging brand of high performance athletic footwear - in the pipeline, failure is the last thing on his mind.  At SMAAT, Kan and his three other partners share similar views on performance derived from different experiences, and are united in their belief that giving people the right tools helps them better themselves and ultimately, their lives. This tool is none other than their line of running footwear, which marries the company's ethos of the Egyptian concept of balance known as “Ma’at" with a sleek... Continue Reading →

5 characteristics of Chinese shoppers for 2014

April 23, 2014

There was once a time when China was the fabled land of opportunity for Western business seeking new customers, however lately competition and government restrictions have been hampering profits. Despite this, through clever localization and marketing strategies, firms can still hope to succeed in this lucrative foreign market. Most importantly anyone doing business in China should note that every year Chinese shoppers gradually change their shopping habits and preferences, and of course the Year of Horse will be no exception. Let BUNDSHOP show you four key consumer trends that your company must know for 2014.   1) No Logos ‘Logofied’ products are out of style. Get caught with one in China and you risk the status of a trend hopper... Continue Reading →